Centre for Audio Visual Experimentation


Lottie Saad, Room for Thought

Project Space, School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies
University of Leeds
15–26 August 2017, Open 10.00–17.00

We are thrilled to present an installation in the Project Space, by recent graduate Lottie Saad. 

Room for Thought is an audio-visual installation which explores this notion of space, the ‘emptiness’ in the sparse sounds and minimal visuals inviting the listener/viewer to contemplate the possibilities of what might fill it. In this way, the imagination of each individual audience member is the central part of this work: ‘There is no singular and universal impression of the “real-world”. What “real-world” means to each individual may be quite different […].’


Sadd recently graduated with a BA in Music from the University of Leeds, in which she aimed toward creating sound-art and installation works. Lottie’s compositional practice is often conceptual, using sound as a medium by which to convey her artistic ideas. Her interests lie in Eastern philosophy and aesthetics, as well as in the anthropology of sound, and spirituality, directions which she is looking to explore with her forthcoming postgraduate studies in Critical and Experimental Composition in the School of Music here at Leeds. 

[1] Andrew Hill, ‘Listening for Context: Interpretation, abstraction and the Real’, Organised Sound, 22.1 (2017), 11-19, p. 14.